Sky Phenomenon That Will Make You Think Twice

In the age of technology, where every person with a smartphone believes to be participating in a case of citizen science, thousands of people are capturing unexplained sightings in the sky. A sky phenomenon has become a commonplace occurrence.

In recent years, there have been a number of unexplained sky phenomena in our world. Despite being shared virally, these mysteries in our sky seemingly hold no clear explanation. Most offer vague suggestions or hopeful aspirations of understanding. I’m going to explore a selection of my top three weird sky phenomena – providing every possible explanation from meteorologists to conspiracy theorists to crazy Youtube commenters contributions.

China’s ‘Floating City’ Sky Phenomenon

China's 'Floating City' Sky Phenomenon
China’s ‘Floating City’ Sky Phenomenon

Possibly one of the weirdest things to happen in our sky in recent years is China’s ‘floating city’. First sightings of this bizarre phenomenon was in 2011, and since then sightings have recurred above various different cities across China.

Basically, a city scene appears suspended in the sky over mystified onlookers shown in many social media videos that have gone viral. Some interpret the sighting as a dimensional rift. Others, blame NASA, believing the space administration to be involved in what is one of the most prolific conspiracy theories of recent date, the Blue Beam Project.

A Quebecois investigative journalist from the 1980’s, Serge Monast, spearheaded the theory, believing that NASA’s Blue Beam Project exists to implement a new age religion. The theory goes that by using a powerful radio electronic facility, NASA’s aim is to create artificial disasters, like earthquakes, across the planet where “new archaeological discoveries” will finally explain to citizens of the world the error of all fundamental doctrines.

It is believed that NASA has begun to implement the Blue Beam Project in the form of these ‘floating cities’ in order to see how people would react. Why? Because their aim is to one day use holograms to simulate an alien invasion to truly scare and prepare us for our new (fake) messiah, which ultimately will contribute to a one government, one religion new world order.

Project Blue Beam aims to use a sky phenomenon to trick citizens into a new world order
How can we tell the difference between a natural sky phenomenon or a hologram used to achieve new world order?

Meteorologists have a wildly different opinion, claiming that the ‘floating city’ phenomenon is actually a Fata Morgana, or a mirage, a rare optical distortion and inversion of distant objects that is a result of images being stacked while rays of light bend and pass through air of different temperatures.

Personally, I am torn. While the weather experts lay a solid foundation of reason, if you believe that advancements in technology could supersede science, a projected, holographic theory does not seem so unlikely – whether it’s NASA or something else…  

Black Smoke Ring Sky Phenomenon: Citizens Weigh In

Bizarre black smoke ring sky phenomenon
Bizarre black smoke ring sky phenomenon

Another recent weird sky phenomenon appears in the shape of a giant smoke ring. Unusual and eerie, this one is tricky because it can be partially explained. Searching Youtube you’ll discover that these smoke rings have been occuring throughout the world over the last few years. While some fear this black ring, believing it to be witchcraft or some kind of portal to hell, others quickly debunk the post-apocalyptic theories using explanations ranging from a blown transformer to a WWII battle reenactment.

While certain videos attempt to explain this mysterious sky ring, no person has actually been able to trace its origins back to any of the claims. But one thing is for certain – if you post a video of this bizarre sky phenomenon it will certainly go viral.

The Ultimate Sky Phenomenon: Strange UFO Clouds

Nature's truest sky phenomenon -the altocumulus standing lenticularis
Nature’s truest sky phenomenon -the altocumulus standing lenticularis

Ok, here is possibly the most fact-driven explanation of a UFO. The altocumulus standing lenticularis cloud is one that has been mistaken for century as extraterrestrial spacecraft. The stationary lens-shaped clouds form in high altitudes, often over mountain peaks, usually in right-angle to the wind direction lending them that mid-century UFO look.

The lens-shaped UFO trope has existed for millennial (just check out this 12th century illustration for proof) and while this cloud formation may not be an unexplained mystery of our sky, it’s an excellent reminder that nature does have very crafty ways of stimulating our imagination.