Lizard People: Is Justin Bieber in The Reptilian Illuminati?

Love him or loathe him, we’re all familiar with the silky vocal stylings and drunken antics of Canadian-born pop star Justin Bieber. But did you know many suspect him of being something…not quite human? That’s right. The tattooed heartthrob, according to some very vocal conspiracy theorists, is actually a member of an elite species of super-smart humanoid lizards known as reptilians. So, is Justin Bieber in the Reptilian Illuminati?

Reptilian Illuminati
The Reptilian Illuminati is said to seek control over the human race.

Caught on Camera: Is Justin Bieber in The Reptilian Illuminati?

This widely-circulated video clip shows Justin’s eyes taking on a creepy, glazed-over look for several moments during his 2014 court date. This type of blinking is a lot like that of snakes and other reptiles, whose eyes are equipped with an ocular membrane in lieu of standard-issue eyelids. This spawned rumors about Justin’s potential secret identity as a massive, shapeshifting Bieber-lizard hybrid.

Then, adding fuel to the fire, in spring of 2017, Australian online news outlet Perth Now apparently published a freaky and bizarre story stating that hundreds of fans claimed to have witnessed the Biebs transform from a well-styled pop idol into a gross, scaly lizard-boy at the Perth airport.

Is Justin Bieber in the Reptilian Illuminati? Some Australians say yes.
Justin Bieber reportedly assumed his true reptilian form at the Perth Airport in Australia.

The headline was quickly wiped from the website. Either Perth Now decided this tale was just too weird to hold water. Or maybe, just maybe, someone got a payoff? After all, reptilians are usually described as being part of the top tier of society, à la Illuminati. It wouldn’t have been too difficult for Bieber’s PR people to get the site to trash the report. Lucky for us, however, the internet remembers everything.


If Justin Bieber is in the Reptilian Illuminati, Where Did They Come From and What Do They Want?

Ancient Evidence of the Reptilian Illuminati?
An ancient tablet shows possible evidence of reptilian ancestors.

The idea of reptilians is actually nothing new. In fact, the first reptilians appeared in Robert E. Howard’s 1929 short story, “The Shadow Kingdom”. His serpent men were described as having the bodies of humans and the heads of snakes. They lived underground, and used mind-control and shapeshifting powers to destroy humanity. Where did Howard dig up his wild ideas? Ancient carvings that contain strange figures may hold the answer. Sadly for us, the truth behind these tablets is lost to the ages.  


David Icke’s Reptilian Illuminati Celebrities

Royals…or Reptilians? The conspiracy persists.

British conspiracy theorist and former TV host David Icke believes modern-day Reptilian Illuminati is leading the charge in a plot against the human race. Eventually, this plot will end in a New World Order. Icke has claimed he thinks most world leaders and celebrities are actually secretly reptilian. This includes the Royal Family itself.

Icke’s theories have picked up a cult following. But Icke’s belief in the fake, anti-Semitic text The Protocols of the Elders of Zion brings his credibility into question.

So, why does the Reptilian Illuminati conspiracy have so many Beliebers? Are reptilians just another example of our obsession with the powerful and the supernatural?

Or are the lizard people just crazy enough to be real? Is Justin Bieber in the Reptilian Illuminati, or not?