The Jim Carrey Conspiracy: Is he speaking forbidden truths or is he utterly insane?


Jim Carrey has come across as increasingly bizarre in interviews. Why is this so?
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What’s the deal with the Jim Carrey conspiracy? Jim Carrey’s existential, outspoken persona in recent interview appearances has received a split reaction from audiences. For a generation whose sense of humor essentially boils down to commiseration granted by cynical meme repertoires, Carrey’s bleak worldview is being characterized as super ‘woke’. Yet others are more alarmed by his meandering tirades about selfhood, giving way to some emergent conspiracy theories as to what could have triggered the famous comedic actor’s sudden cynicism. Though my opinion on this Jim Carrey situation is not yet fully formed, I was prompted to dig deeper after viewing this interview. There’s something about a man suddenly breaking off into a somewhat obscure Band of Horses song mid-sentence that just doesn’t sit right with me. Here are a few theories culled from the web:

David Icke is an outspoken conspiracy theorist…and Jim Carrey’s new BFFL
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Strange Bedfellows: the Jim Carrey Conspiracy and Icke

They say ‘you are who you hang out with’, and Carrey has been spending an awful lot of time with professional-soccer-player turned-full-blown-conspiracy-theorist David Icke. Apparently Carrey is a long-time avid fan of the theorist, having frequently attended his lectures (albeit in disguise, ‘cause you know, Carrey is a thespian through and through). It is unclear to what extent the actor subscribes to Icke’s theories regarding alien-reptile overlords, but internet skeptics everywhere have hopped onto this liaison as a means of justifying Carrey’s recent perplexing string of interviews. Is there any truth to these theories that Carrey is fearful of Apple’s Face ID recognition because it will lead to totalitarian New World Order? Or that he thinks alien reptiles rule the earth? Probably not. But are some of his self-professed existential theories about selflessness a bit flimsy when he attempts to reconcile them with a career founded on public appearances? Hell to the yeah.

Carrey’s strange tirades have fans and critics alarmed…but intrigued
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Triangle Takes the Square: Carrey’s Illuminati Associations

The illuminati is like YouTube’s little gateway drug into more far-out reptile-fetishizing conspiracy theorem. Jim Carrey’s supposed links to this secret high society actually date back to his In Living Color days. Yet it is this Jimmy Kimmel appearance in particular that spearheaded rumors of his transgression against the illuminati’s alleged hushed-up confines. Carrey’s bizarre use of illuminati-evoking hand gestures and cryptic comments naturally riled up conspiracy theorists. Is Carrey’s recent behavior yet another attempt to reach out of the gripping underworld of the illuminati? Well, given Carrey’s aforementioned affinity for the teachings of  Mr. Icke, Carrey probably has more in common with your average illuminati conspiracy theorist than one would think. His recent interviews come across as the actions of a man seriously disillusioned by the ideas of fame and excess, which is the same skepticism that is fuelling illuminati theorists in the first place.

Is the 2007 thriller The Number 23 a window into the reason for Jim Carrey’s strange interviews?
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Is Jim Carrey Actually Obsessed With the Number 23?

One admittedly far-fetched Jim Carrey theory that has been following the comedian around for quite some time involves his ill-fated 2007 thriller “The Number 23”. The resurgence of this article is the primary factor in sparking rumors that Carrey has been a long-time believer in the 23 enigma, much like his character in the movie. After all, the article was published in 2005 while the Joel Schumacher-helmed box office bomb only hit theatres in 2007. Was this article a precursing publicity stunt fired off two years early? Maybe so. Or maybe “The Number 23” is actually a true-to-life depiction of a Hollywood star’s descent down the slippery slope of conspiracy theories.

We’ll just have to wait and see how this whole Jim Carrey thing plays out. Some people are genuinely concerned for his mental health, which is understandable considering the extremity of the self-effacing stance he’s been vocalising. Maybe it’ll all turn out to have been some elaborate hoax, like that 2010 Joaquin Phoenix blunder. Maybe it’ll result in a latent career of art-house cult classics like our boy Crispin Glover. All we can do is wait, hope for the best, and remember the good times.