True or False: Hitler Escaped to Argentina


Hitler escaped to Argentina didn’t he? The story refuses to die. And, truth be told, when you start investigating the dictator’s death, things get strange. The story is more complicated than what teachers and textbooks told you. First off, Hitler was born in 1889, so it’s unlikely he’s still around in 2017. He’s probably not snooping around the internet for the latest Trump gaffes, or basking in his continued infamy. Losing the most genocidal war in history really did a number on his health too. But quite a few people believe Hitler escaped to Argentina. This theory implies he cheated death in Berlin as the Soviet Red Army closed in and found a way out of devastated Europe. It’s a theory that piggybacks off the fact that Josef Mengele, Adolf Eichmann and other Nazis did indeed escape to Argentina. Eichmann was nabbed by Israel’s Mossad. Most lived out their years in relative peace.  


Hitler Suicide: Real or Fake?

In this truly bizarre video, we see Soviet military members posing with ‘the body of Hitler’. In reality this was probably the body of Gustav Weler. Weler was Hitler’s body double and doppelgänger. But the facts surrounding him are murky. British military sources think he escaped Berlin. Reports note he was even interviewed by Allied forces after the war. Some suggest the man in this video is actually a cook or other staff member executed and mocked up as Hitler to confuse the Soviets. It’s really incredible how total the lack of information is for such a massive historical event. Nobody knows for sure if Weler is the man in this video. Nobody seems to have tried very hard to figure out who else it might be either. A few other people were running around with this moustache besides him, like conspiracy-shrouded Hitler fanboy Ernst Hanfstaengl 

Stars and Stripes (Public Domain)

Hitler Escaped to Argentina or Died in Berlin, Which is it?

Supposedly Hitler took a cyanide pill and then shot himself in the temple with his pistol as insurance. However, there has been a startling discovery that casts doubt on this narrative. Recent DNA testing done on a skull fragment long believed to have belonged to him shockingly confirmed the remains belong to a woman. The Russians continue to assure us they have Hitler’s jawbone.Russian forensic analysts and others apparently confirmed the match of Hitler’s dental records with the jawbone found.  But while they claim to have an “exact match”, they refuse to get irrefutable confirmation via DNA test. Many remain unconvinced. Even Stalin couldn’t believe they had really killed Mr. Moustache. The Russian argument against doing a DNA test is bizarre to boot. They say it’s “too expensive”. This is Hitler we’re talking about! How could you not want to spend a few bucks to get closure. Until we get the DNA test, we’ll never know 100% if Hitler offed himself. So… Hitler escaped to Argentina, true or false? If I had to make a wager, I’d say he 99% probably died in Berlin, like a lot of people, and his bones got lost in the jumble of death. Do you think Hitler perished in 1945, or did he live on?