Hillary and Bill Clinton Body Count

Since the 1990s, people have talked about the Bill and Hillary Clinton body count. Apparently the couple had political enemies murdered. These rumors refuse to go away. Hillary’s run for President in 2016 made sure of that. But where does this weird conspiracy come from?

U.S. Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Cristian L. Ricardo (Public Domain)

The Clinton Killers

The conspiracy theories about the Hillary and Bill Clinton body count begin with Linda Thompson. She’s a woman who quit her job as a lawyer in 1993 to become an anti-government activist and full-time conspiracy theorist. That year she released Waco: The Big Lie, a documentary exploring a government conspiracy to murder Branch Davidian cult members. Thompson then released a documentary about the Clintons’ supposed murdering called The Clinton Chronicles: An Investigation into the Alleged Criminal Activities of Bill Clinton in 1994. Her theories, for a time, approached some measure of respectability. Former Republican Congressman William Dannemeyer got behind it. He called for a hearing to investigate the Hillary and Bill Clinton body count claims. A few years later his political career came to a close. Later on, Dannemeyer ended up going pretty far off the anti-Semitic deep end.


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The Hillary and Bill Clinton Body Count: Were Clinton Associates Killed?

There is a very long Hillary and Bill Clinton body count list of dozens of people, all related to the Clintons one way or another, who died “mysteriously”.  According to the conspiracy, this was a result of crossing the Clintons and their interests. Let’s look at a couple of these poor folks. James McDougal was a partner of the Clintons in the Whitewater real estate company. McDougal was investigated for a criminal land deal possibly implicating Bill and Hillary. However, while awaiting trial he died of a heart attack while being held in solitary confinement. Was he knocked off because he was going to rat on the power couple and wreck their political and public lives? Prior to his death, McDougal had said the Clintons were massive users of people and that he was finally tired of lying for Bill. Meanwhile, there’s the story of Vince Foster, Deputy White House Counsel at the start of Clinton’s presidency. He was implicated in the White House “travelgate” controversy over misappropriation of travel funding by staff. He died from an apparent suicide by gunshot to the head.


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Did Possible FBI Indictment of Bill & Hill Have Anything to do With This?

Both McDougal and Foster’s deaths share something in common. They were under duress and in a position to hurt the Clintons if they testified against them. However, McDougal was firmly not on the Clinton’s side, whereas Foster seemed to be at least on the fence. There is a theory, repeated by Donald Trump Jr. recently, that Bill Clinton fired his FBI director the day before Foster died in order to cut off an investigation. Foster has been characterized as ultimately a “honest” and depressive type, the kind who would crack under cross-analysis. Still, in my opinion, it’s still not enough. The Whitewater controversy, Travelgate, etc. all happened anyway, and then of course the Monica Lewinsky scandal, which ensured most of the Clinton administration was dogged by legal investigations and controversy anyway. Clinton stated that, rather than taking pressure off, Foster’s death triggered further scrutiny that would have been cleared up if he stayed alive to testify. I’m inclined to agree. Foster and McMaster probably didn’t have any dirt that didn’t get dug up in major, long-running investigations. What’s your take?