Does the Government Control the Weather With HAARP?

What is HAARP? And does the government control the weather with it?

What the hell is HAARP? Why is it that when natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Irma or the recent California drought occur, more and more people are blaming #HAARP?

A giant volcanic eruption in Indonesia has the potential to affect climate on a global scale, as was the case in the 13th century when the Samalas Volcano resulted in severe socio-economic and environmental consequences creating a ‘mini Ice Age’ resulting in famine that killed thousands of people in London, 10,000 miles away. It’s really no secret that weather has the power to inflict disaster across the world. But what does it mean if these disasters aren’t happening naturally? 

HAARP, the seemingly harmless acronym stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program – formerly a US military ionospheric research facility based in Alaska. The science facility is no longer under military control and has been in the hands of the University of Alaska Fairbanks since 2015. However, that doesn’t stop conspiracy theorists from connecting it to major ‘natural’ disasters.

HAARP and chemtrails
Is HAARP responsible for chemtrails? ‘Drought truthers’ believe that chemtrails are actually signs of the government suppressing precipitation.

The California drought manipulation conspiracy theory: is HAARP involved?

Weather conspiracists believe that in cases like the California drought (which lasted 6 years) the government was either creating high-pressure systems, operating from the then military installation HAARP, or spraying chemicals in the air over California through the form of chemtrails to purposefully keep the rain away.

Why would they do this? Also, who is ‘they’ exactly? In all my research on the topic, I still can’t figure out a specific ‘who’ or ‘why’. There are some theories that state this is a ‘climate sacrifice’, an attempt to keep the Eastern side of the US cool. Others mention other vague malicious motives. Are all these conspiracist theorists straight up crazy

When it comes down to the facts, the ‘conspiracy theory’ of spraying stuff in the clouds to modify weather is not that crazy. Mostly because it’s not a conspiracy.

There have been experiments in cloud-seeding to provoke rainfall in different parts of the world for a variety of reasons, including California where attempts were made during the drought to combat it. Those attempts failed most likely because the way cloud seeding works is by shooting silver iodide particles into clouds giving pre-existing water droplet contenders a bigger and more rapid chance of falling from the sky as rain. Yet, it doesn’t always work. 

China, along with many other countries (approx. 52), has been known to use this cloud seeding technique, most famously right before the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

HAARP and hurricanes
Is HAARP behind the intensity of hurricane season 2017?

HAARP and weather modification: conspiracy theory or the real deal?

The fact of the matter is that weather modification is real. Cloud seeding has been around for decades. It’s application is usually intended for good. Such as dissipating pollution, enhancing rainfall over arid or semi-arid landscapes, or – as previously stated – to help create solutions for drought.

Winds can be directed. Hurricanes can be steered. But not to the ‘weather terrorism’ capacity that weather conspiracists claim. This isn’t the 2017 crapbuster Geostorm.

Conspiracy theories about modified natural disasters – like deliberate hurricanes – go so deep that I will have to write a whole other post about the topic later.

As a teaser, lets examine former TV weatherman (key: not a meteorologist) Scott Stevens. Stevens’ believes that hurricane Katrina was a storm created by Japan’s Yakuza mafia to avenge the victims of the atomic bomb blast of Hiroshima. It’s important to note that America’s HAARP isn’t the only country/organization accused of deliberating generating natural disasters. According to Stevens, Japan created this storm using an electromagnetic generator that was built in Russia during the Cold War.

Regardless of whether you accept an extreme conspiracy motive like this, the scary thing about all of this is that these weather modification tactics can be, and have been, used as weapons.

HAARP and weather warfare
HAARP and weather warfare: US government used weather modification tactics in the Vietnam war.

HAARP and weather warfare

It’s not just Scott Stevens who believes that governments are capable of manipulating weather modification for ill will. Dr. Gordon J.F. MacDonald was a geophysicist and member of president LBJ’s Science Advisory Committee who spent a large portion of his career researching manmade global climate change.

MacDonald predicted that by the 21st century four principle planetary weapons would be invented; climate modification, earthquake generation, tsunami direction and generation, and (here’s the kicker) mass behavior control via electromagnetic manipulation of the ionosphere. Sound familiar anyone!? A little dash of Project Blue Beam and a little dash of HAARP. The recipe of a weather modification conspiracists’ wet dream.

Yet again, it’s true – weather warfare is real too. During the Vietnam war, the US government spent $3 million on weather modification campaigns that would help bring on monsoon season early, thus creating muddier and more difficult fighting conditions for enemies on land.

Even earlier in history, Project Seal, was the US government’s attempt to design a ‘tectonic weapon’ by means of a ‘tsunami bomb’ in WWII. HAARP may no longer be under military direction but conspiracists still believe the remote ionospheric research facility has been behind projects like these and kicked out some serious weather weaponry since its inception in 1993.

HAARP – truth or fallacy?

The truth of the matter is that people are conflating HAARP with other government initiatives that actually do influence the weather. So while the HAARP facility may not be deliberating directing hurricanes or resisting drought, there are other government-based initiatives that do have the power to manipulate weather.

Does this mean climate change isn’t really happening? That the government is behind it all? Some say YES. Personally, I believe that to be a big fat NO. Climate change is real. But what was once a great plot for a science fiction novel, is now our reality and that’s pretty trippy.