Denver Airport Conspiracies: Do They Hold Up Today?

If you’ve ever had a layover at Denver Airport, you know it’s a funky place. Gargoyles, terrifying murals, unexplained symbols on the floor and freemason capstones are just a few ‘special’ details you’ll notice. Also that giant blue horse with glowing red eyes. There are a lot of Denver Airport conspiracies, but how do the main theories hold up in 2018? The answers might surprise you.


Is there a Denver Airport Bunker for the New World Order, or is it for Aliens?

Denver International Airport opened in 1995 way over budget and with some very eyebrow-raising architecture and public art. At a time when the internet was just going mainstream, it immediately became a magnet for conspiracy theories. For one thing, it has massive underground tunnels. Lots of them. Jay Weidner, the chief researcher for Denver Airport Conspiracies, and others think these tunnels are connected to a secret facility that has to do with “COG” (continuity of government) after an apocalyptic event, and a New World Order plan to wipe out common humanity. Others think there’s aliens or reptilians down there. The airport is also massive – it’s the second biggest in the world by land area, but Denver isn’t exactly metropolis number one. Why so big? What are they hiding? Well, recently Denver’s passenger volume has actually gotten so huge that they’ve had to use some of these tunnels for baggage handling and ground crew. At least that’s what they’re telling us…




But really, what’s the deal with those creepy Denver Airport murals?


Assuming you aren’t totally zoinked by jet lag, if you’re at DIA, you’ll probably notice the two big panels of a mural called “Children of the World Dream of Peace” on Level 5 of Jeppesen Terminal. Painted by artist Leo Tanguma, they’re huge and pretty shocking. On one panel, there’s a gas masked soldier stabbing a dove with a sword, destroyed buildings and refugees huddling together for dear life. It looks like the apocalypse, but with a rainbow – which somehow makes it more disturbing. Some theorize this mural shows the takeover of an elite group and the destruction of humanity after biological warfare destroys the planet. However, there’s a more boring, straightforward interpretation. If you look at the above (crazy) panel alongside the other panel, which shows children destroying weapons and the soldier guy in a crumpled heap, it sure looks like the children (the future!) have somehow won world peace (yes!). Not sure how they pulled that one off, but there you go.



Freemasons Run the Country: the Big Bad Denver Airport Conspiracies


Why did you guys have to call your group of local small businesses “New World Airport Commission” and put it under a Freemasons logo? It’s almost as if you wanted free PR from all the conspiracy theorists who would latch onto this match-made-in-heaven secret society tag-team. Yes, the truth is boring. It’s definitely bizarre to see the Freemason logo in an airport, but they are a legit fraternal organization that’s been around for centuries and are apparently good at organizing funding. So there you have it. Tunnels, murals, and masons. I have to say, I think as far as conspiracies go, these ones are a bit paper-thin. I mean, Frankfurt’s airport is also massive and attached to a bland-ish mid-size city too – that’s just about geography and flight maps. If there’s an apocalypse, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to move the government and ‘elites’ to a giant airport. Honestly, if there’s going to be a sick bunker for aliens and rich people to hang out in post-Rapture, why put it under one of the busiest airports worldwide? Beats me…