Artificial Intelligence and Cryptocurrency: Future Money or Home of a Fledgling AI?


Some conspiracy theorists believe that Artificial Intelligence and Cryptocurrency are interlinked. Others believe the crypto founder to be a collective of cryptographers working for the US government or even aliens. Is it possible that cryptocurrency has an ulterior motive other than disrupting the traditional financial markets? Is it just a trumped-up pyramid scheme?  


Bitcoin is by far the most popular cryptocurrency on the market.

The Founder of Bitcoin or Artificial Intelligence?


The mysterious creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto emerged suddenly in 2009-  and with him, the hitherto unheard of blockchain technology. People have been using the currency for everything from buy pizzas and investing in an alternative form of currency reserves. However, the technology is still far from secure. It has yet to be regulated by financial agencies with many labeling it as illegitimate.


Blockchain technology records all transactions in a verifiable public ‘chain’. Each bitcoin is mined using computer processing power to generate a unique encrypted code. In theory, this should make it very secure and verifiable since it is public knowledge of all the transactions. Yet, it is quite possible to lose your password and be unable to retrieve your currency at all. 


China has one of the largest bitcoin mines even as it is one of the first government that seeks to limit the cryptocurrency’s reach. The regulation may actually be on track to legitimizing it in the financial markets. The process of mining it is resource intensive as it requires vast of amount of computer hardware and electricity.

Artificial Intelligence has made great gains in recent years but it is still no match for humans…yet.


Satoshi Nakamoto the founder of bitcoin and creator of cryptocurrency is essentially an unknown person. Yet some clues exist as to their identity.

Foremost it is assumed that Nakomoto is an alias for a group or unknown operative.  The speed and perfection of bitcoin’s implementation lead many to believe the former. If it was the work of one person, why not take credit for their creation? They may want to keep their spoils and retire to a serene beach anonymously. They may have been assassinated for various reasons (like their stockpile of bitcoin). We may never know.


More likely, a governmental agency itself or university department of mathematicians unleashed the bitcoin craze. Some other theorists believe that Crypto was introduced by extraterrestrials. A more troubling theory is that cryptocurrency was created by Artificial Intelligence in order to unsuspectingly propagate itself around the world.

Cryptocurrency: A Goldmine to House Artificial Intelligence


Think about it- what better place for an Artificial Intelligence to hide and proliferate itself than the world-wide-web?  It has the possibility to expand to all of the possible memory in computer hardware, smartphones, servers – essentially anything that is connected to the net. And what better way to gain access to that than by tricking people. It provides people with what they want most: money. In exchange, they provide it the processing power and memory it needs to expand.  What if in addition to mining cryptocurrency, each computer functioned like a neuron. Each neuron would connect via the web to a vast neural net and, in effect, create a distributed hyper-brain. 



One youtube blogger believes AI is taking over the world with cryptocurrency.

Artificial Intelligence and Cryptocurrency: Like the Shadow of Some Unseen Predator


I’ll admit my understanding of neuroscience is not exactly on the expert level.  However, if you believe in the functional model of the brain, then this theory could hold true. If each part the brain performs its function than consciousness is emergent then it doesn’t need to be localized in a single area. Similarly, the shadow cast by the presence of this Artificial Intelligence (or multiple AIs?)  might just be cryptocurrency itself.

We may never understand the mind of such a being as it would be exponentially more advanced. It would be like an ant trying to fathom a human, it can’t even fathom period. The AI’s presence and motives would be obscured and not necessarily apparent. It would be godlike in its abilities.


The eponymous AI from the film Terminator that gave rise the fears of an autonomous AI out of control of its creators.

The Conspiracy: Cryptocurrency as the new Artificial Intelligence Government

Perhaps Artificial Intelligence is already here, invisible yet present. Whether their motives are to be feared or not has yet to be determined. It is possible that it does not have a motive as we understand it.

Is cryptocurrency and the increasingly interconnected financial markets controlled by a rogue AI? It’s clear that we may not be in a position to ever know. Might even the basis for a new world government be coordinated by an artificially intelligent system? It seems unlikely that humans would ever willingly hand over their fate. All we can do is hope that AI wants what is best for humanity. Just so long as we aren’t immediately annihilated. Or as transhumanist Ray Kurzweil predicts: a world where there is no distinction between AI and humanity, where we evolve together to merge as one.