Area 51 Aliens: Truth Versus Fiction

Area 51. The name brings up thoughts of aliens, UFOs, and dark government conspiracies. The government denied its very existence until just recently. So what’s behind all this secrecy? Are there really alien remains from crashed spaceships hidden there? In this article, I take a hard look at some of the biggest Area 51 conspiracy theories, and make some unexpected findings.


UFO Fever: Spaceships Spotted Near Area 51


A lot has been made about UFO sightings, abductions, and other paranormal activity near the Area 51 townsite. Indeed, the whole surrounding area’s economy appears to thrive on aliens. But the majority of legit UFO sightings near Area 51 took place in the 1950s, which coincidentally was when the cutting-edge U-2 spyplane was being tested as part of Project Aquatone during the height of Cold War espionage. U-2 spy planes were designed to fly at extremely high altitudes, somewhere around 60,000 feet. This was necessary to get above the USSR’s anti-aircraft defenses and fighter jets. However, on clear sky days over Nevada, the new top secret planes were sometimes visible to pilots of civilian aircraft. The average airliner back then flew at around 20,000 feet, so it would be truly bizarre to see an object flying high above that range. There would also be no air traffic control record of the U-2 planes, no radio contact possible. One can imagine being a pilot, flying along and spotting a shiny object at unbelievable altitude, then trying to get information about what it was and what it was doing and getting no answers. It would be an eerie, even panicking experience, but no – those objects weren’t aliens.

Area 51 Conspiracies: What is the US Government Hiding?

In 2013, the CIA finally admitted that Area 51 exists in a document they were forced to release due to the Freedom of Information Act. As a result, a lot of facts came out about facility, or at least explained why it was there: to test top secret military technology away from prying eyes. But a lot of the noise around UFO research at Area 51 comes from a supposed project initiated by President Truman in 1952 called “Operation Majestic 12” (or simply MJ-12), which – some say – was a chance to gather information on UFOs and extraterrestrials. Here’s where things get weird.  Of course, the government says they’re bogus, but some respectable figures like scientific skeptic Brian Dunning think they were actually real. They were apparently created by the US government as part of an elaborate disinformation strategy to hide military secrets.


Area 51 Aliens: Real at Last?


There is a tape, apparently leaked out of Area 51, where one of the aliens being held there is interviewed. The video follows decades of reports that live aliens and dead alien bodies have been held at the clandestine facility, researched on and interrogated, with telepathic interpretative devices recording their language. Quarantine keeps them alive in the harshness of earth’s virus-infested and generally germy climate. Personally, I’m not sure if this video and the related analysis will convince me – there’s a bit too much of a “puppet in the dark” production value thing going on. Much like the Roswell alien autopsy video, which has been confirmed as a hoax (or at least a “re-enactment”), the aliens are clearly just amateur prosthetics. I’m still hoping real aliens will show up, because clearly they aren’t at Area 51.